BONUS+ Templates for stationery

Notes regarding the use of templates

Postcard templates

There are 2 editable PDF’s in case your institution does not have Adobe Illustrator version CS4 or later, or has trouble opening the Illustrator files.

The front of the postcard can stay the same as no University branding is on that.

Each institution will have to change the logo on the back (preferably to a black and white version), and the seven references to University of Ballarat in the text.

Poster template

There are three things that each institution will need to edit for their own use:

  • The logo at the top.
  • Two places in the paragraph which say “University of Ballarat”.

These will need to be changed to represent your own institution.

If you are opening the file in Adobe Illustrator, once edited, save the file using Save As.

Change the format to PDF if that’s the desired file type. On a PC WINDOWS computer, you will find this command in ‘Save as type’ and on the APPLE MAC computer it is under ‘Format’.

Please note the following when printing the posters:

The posters have been designed to be printed to the edge (no white border around the edge). Most printers will print with a default white border.

If printing via Illustrator, choose the Print function, and then in the OPTIONS panel, click ‘fit to page’. This shrinks the printable area smaller with a white edge.
NB. If you choose ‘do not scale’, it will remain printable to the edge, and the printer will print a white boarder, possibly causing some of the file to be cut off.

If you are having the posters professionally printed, save the file as a PDF with bleed lines (bleed lines are an extra 5mm around the poster incase the printer misses the CUT off line). The document has a 5mm bleed, which you will see as a red line around the poster if you view the Illustrator file).

To do this from the Adobe Illustrator file:

  1. Go to File and Save As. Choose a file name and save.
  2. In the next box, choose the Adobe PDF preset from the dropdown menu, selecting ‘Press Quality’.
  3. In the marks and bleeds tab, choose ‘Trim Marks’ and ‘Use document Bleed Settings’.
  4. Click on SAVE PDF


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