Conference History


Year Date Place Chair Comments
2017 9-10 Nov Gold Coast City Libraries Rodney Foley
2016 17-18 Nov University of Tasmania, Hobart Tim Darlington Attendees from III: Jim Tallman, Leif Pederson, Marina Keating, Tim Auger, Analisa Ornelas, Milton Howard, Roger Read, Rochelle Wordsworth, Michelle Morgan and Karen Scott.
2015 17-18 Nov Griffith University, Brisbane Tim Darlington Attendees from III: Roger Read, Rochelle Wordsworth, Robert Jacobs, Tim Auger and Milton Howard.
2014 20-21 Nov University of Melbourne Bruce Eames  68 at the AGM
Attendees from III: Bill Easton, Hilary Newman, Roger Read, Rochelle Wordsworth 
2013 21-22 Nov University of Newcastle Bruce Eames
2012 15-16 Nov Auckland Council Libraries Kathy Martin 91 attendees including William Ho, Hamish McDonald and John McCullough from III.
2011 17-18 Nov QUT Kathy Martin 49 attendees at AGM.
2010 18-19 Nov State Library of Western Australia Angela D’Souza 66 attendees at AGM.
2009 12-13 Nov University of Ballarat Angela D’Souza 93 attendees including Bill Easton, William Ho and Sandy Westall from III.
2008 13-14 Nov State Library of NSW Lisa Billingham 115 attendees including Betsy Graham, Bill Easton and William Ho from III.
2007 15-16 Nov Australian National University Lisa Billingham
2006 9-10 Nov eLGAR Auckland Ruth Baxter From III Jerry Kline and Aaron Blazer.
2005 17-18 Nov University of Melbourne Ruth Baxter From III Aaron Blazer.
2004 18-19 Nov State Library of South Australia Jane Miller 128 attendees, 50 at AGM. From III Aaron Blazer.
2003 20-21 Nov State Library of Western Australia Jane Miller
2002 21-22 Nov University of Sydney Kevin Jewell 60 attendees including Jerry Kline, Aaron Blazer, Steve Bade from III.
2001 29-30 Nov UTS Kevin Jewell 108 attendees including Mac Horn, Ted Fons, Ineke Gentner, Aaron Blazer from III. AGM attendees 47.
2000 9-10 Nov University of Melbourne Liz Neumann 30 attendees at AGM, plus Aaron Blazer and Mac Horn from III.
1999 18 Jan UTS Liz Neumann 61 attendees at AGM, plus Bob Walton and Mac Horn from III.
1998 27 Jan Melbourne Convention Centre Liz Neumann 39 attendees plus Bob Walton from III.
1997 20 Jan UTS Neil Cairns Attendees from III: Steve Silberstein, Bob Walton and Mac Horn
1996 29 Jan University of Melbourne Neil Cairns 61 attendees plus Steve Silberstein and Mac Horn from III.
1995 3 Feb University of NSW Tony Mays 17 attendees.
1994 14 July Deakin University Library, Burwood Campus Tony Mays Name changed from Australian Innopac/III Group (AIG) to Australasian Innopac User Group (AIUG) due to Massey University being invited to join at AGM. 19 attendees.
1993 8 Nov Sue McKnight?