The Helensvale Library and Cultural Centre is located in a suburban area and as such has very limited accommodation.  While there is some AirB&B accommodation in the area, most hotels and apartments are some distance ( 10+Km) from the venue. The library is, however, located close to a transport hub that allows easy transport to many of these accommodation venues. The AIUG Committee has suggested a number of accommodation options.

A preliminary program for the conference is now available.  There will be a couple of more presentations added to this program and AIUG is expecting representatives from EBSCO and TALIS to be attending the conference.

Registrations for the 28th AIUG conference at Helensvale Branch of Gold Coast Public Libraries are now open. The conference will be on the 9th and 10th November with Site Coordinators and BONUS+ meeting on the 8th November.

Register now at Eventbrite.

Meet the team at Innovative’s new Melbourne office.

Pictured from left to right:

Rochelle Wordsworth (ANZ Library Relations Manager) | John Sun (Systems Librarian) | Michelle Morgan (Systems Librarian) | Roger Read (ANZ Sales Manager)| Karen Scott (ANZ Sales Engineer)| Leif Pedersen (Executive VP of Product)