Site Reports 2018

System Information

SiteSoftware versionBib recordsPatronsStaff licensesDiscovery solutionServer hosting
Auckland LibrariesSierra 4.01,256,464932,509620Encore DuetHost own Sierra, but III host Encore Duet.
Auckland University of TechnologySierra 3.2580,76376,49450EBSCO EDSBy III
Deakin UniversitySierra 4.1 beta138,7309164,161150EBSCO EDS; YEWNO widgetInternally by University IT
Federation UniversitySierra 3.1581,998158,55750PrimoInternally by University IT
Griffith UniversitySierra 4.01,066,798204,08875SummonBy III
Massey University LibrarySierra 3.11,289,24933,978130EBSCO EDSInternally by University IT
Murdoch UniversitySierra 4.0769,92575,21697SummonInternally by University IT
State Library of South AustraliaSierra 4.01,026,94538,080250EncoreBy III
State Library of Western AustraliaSierra 4.01,992,254 122,590 120EncoreInternally at the Library
Sutherland Shire LibrariesSierra 4.0187,00070,000-EncoreBy III
University of MelbourneSierra 3.13,803,811348,948300EBSCO EDSBy III
University of NewcastleSierra 3.41,491,268211,247511Encore DuetInternally by University IT
University of Technology SydneyMillennium1,108,002107,858130Endeca with Primo Central IndexInternally at the Library
University of WollongongSierra 3.4978,137127,747-EBSCO EDS-
Victoria UniversitySierra 4.11,268,36846,809112EBSCO EDSBy III


Projects & Plans

SiteBeta TestingSierra APIsSQL queriesAchievements for 2018Plans for 2019
Auckland LibrariesNoExtended use of Aquisitions API with more vendors.Built prototype data warehouse and extending that into something long standing.NoLooking into getting an API middleware which will allow for more secure and better APIs. Plan to connect this with RFID technology and notices.
Auckland University of TechnologyNoPatron ingest to Sierra from University registry system.VuFind test server - to collect holdings information.
Sierra reporting service
NoPotentially moving to VuFind as discovery service and catalogue.
Deakin UniversitySierra 4.1NoNoNoReal-time updates to patron records.
Federation UniversityNoNONoImplemented RFID (provided by FE Technologies) at new Brisbane campus library.
Completed migration of Bib and Item records from Alma to Sierra for Berwick campus library (in handover from Monash Uni to FedUni).
Automatic weekly loading of Patron records via Scheduler since change from OIM to MIM (Microsoft Identity Management) across FedUni.
KnowledgeBase for ERM enabled.
Reviewing with local IT staff potential move to cloud hosting by III.
Griffith UniversityNoNoNoMigrated from locally hosted Millennium to III hosted Sierra.Evaluate/investigate options for discovery and management of electronic resources.
Implement a new Interlibrary loan system.
Massey University LibraryAuto harvesting Sierra data into EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS),
Linked Data.
Murdoch UniversityNoNoNoNew website launched
Working on restyling Webpac to match.
Move from penalty points to fines for overdue items. Fines will be limited to recalled and high demand items.
Introduction of automatic renewals.
Investigate integration options with student management system using APIs.
State Library of South AustraliaNoNoPermission listsEngaged III for an onsite consultancy reviewing current practices and options within modules. The consultancy took place 25-29 June; report from III within a month. Currently reviewing the report and identifying priorities.Actions from the consultancy report.
Continue research into Archival Management Systems and likelihood of export of records out of Sierra.
State Library of WANoNoNoReviewed EncoreImplement findings from Encore review
Sutherland Shire LibraryNoCustom Patron Online RegistrationNoCustom Patron Online RegistrationDigital Asset Management System install
University of MelbourneNoEasy web interface for staff to match lists of ISBNs to Sierra database and get a report in Excel emailed to them with basic details of each matching itemNoNoNo
University of NewcastleNoNoNoNoNo
University of Technology SydneyNoNoNoNoLibrary relocation to a new building
University of WollongongNoNoNoModified loan rules (reduced from 22 to 11). All staff and students can now borrow for 170 days with no fines. Fines only apply to the non-return of requested items.
YBP shelf-ready tested and implemented.
CJK implemented in July for Hong Kong partner library.
Victoria UniversityNoNoUpdating A-Z databases Libguide from Sierra ERMImplemented EDS Harvester API.
Completed implementation of SSO.
Continuing to investigate Innovative Knowledge Base.
Investigating API for fine payments.